Short Answer:

In general: Yes. However, SituMap can run offline, but some functionality may be limited.

Detailed Answer:

SituMap requires internet access for the following features:

  • Streaming of aerial and road base map layers.
  • Streaming of web map services.
  • Sharing SituMap save files, screenshots, and KMZ files via email or text.
  • Displaying real-time traffic conditions.
  • Searching for addresses.
  • Connecting to websites using the web browser.
  • Occasional validation of your software license.

SituMap will locally cache base map layers offline when they are visited with internet access. If you disconnect from the internet and use SituMap, the cached base map layers will display, but only where you have previously visited. Additionally, locations that have not been visited in a while will be removed from the local cache.

SituMap does not require internet access for features not listed above.